Spider’s Creations emerged as an idea on January 2019 in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece; a place historically important regarding hand knitting, since this form of art never ceased to be a part of the region’s history and culture, starting from the ancient times.

We decided to get involved with and explore the hardest, in terms of the clothing industry, genre, simply because we love it and therefore strongly believe in it. We are confident that many of you share our love and faith in handmade clothing and that gave us the motivation to start creating.

Handmade clothing offers a unique sense of self-confidence and “warmth”, and an important factor offering this effect, apart from the design, is mainly the certainty that they were created by two needles, two hands, a great many knitting hanks of yarn and even more hours of work. These creations can, in no way, be compared to the copy-paste items of production lines.

At the same time, however, this feature also poses their greatest disadvantage. You see, in the handmade garment no glue is added nor is the item pressed to increase its strength. The handmade garment is devotedly followed by the curse of the goddess Athena and is particularly vulnerable in time. In Spider’s Creations, the presentation of each garment will be clear and honest with respect to all the features of the item, both positive and negative.

Our target is to create a relationship of mutual appreciation and trust with all of you who share our love for handmade clothing. We, for our part, will not stop seeking and discovering quality yarn from all over the world and creating unique designs, always inspired by our love for what we do and for all of you who allow us to create unique pieces.

Yours sincerely,

Spider’s Creations